Dasari sensational comments on Bruce Lee

dasari charan

Dasari Narayana Rao the famous director of telugu film industry, now a days famous with his sensational comments on film industry again targeted Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee. He stated that after the release of a big film like Rudramadevi atleast two weeks gap should be maintained to release another big film. But in the case of Bruce lee it did not happened immediately after one week gap they are releasing there movie. Do you think it is fair? Who will this benefit? Is there any need of this competition?”

He avers, “According to me there is no need for big movies to be released in the festive season. Having a huge experience I can say this. The statistics that will be released due to the festival season are just not true. I just want to say to have one more week gap for the historical flick like Rudramadevi.”