Review : Vivekam- Overdose of Action

Ajith’s Vivekam which was being promoted quite heavily in Tamil was not much known in Telugu except for the A centers. Now, the Telugu version has also released and let us see whether it has any depth in it to survive at the box office.
Ajith is an army officer who gets cheated by his own friend played by Vivek Oberoi. Not only does he gets cheated, he also is named as a serious terrorist. There is more to the story as Vivek Oberoi is also on a nuclear mission which will destroy India on a huge level. Rest of the film is all about how a wounded soldier prevents this deadly attack and save his country.
Cast & Performances
Ajith is the only one who saves the film from becoming a disaster. His hard work shows on screen as he has worked hard on the body and also on the action part. As he looks quite handsome, he is top notch as the army man. Kajal has absolutely nothing to do in the film but she looks good. Vivek Oberoi is always good in negative roles and here too, he impresses nicely.
Technical Department
Director Shiva lost the plot completely as he only focused on the action part. His narration lacked the grip and made the viewers get irritated with over dose of action. Anirudh’s background score was even more painful and left everyone bleeding in their ears. Locations were amazing and the film has some amazing camera work. Production values were good and the money spent was clearly shown on screen. Second half was better when compared to the first.
  1. Ajith
  2. Locations
Minus Points:-
  1. Overdose of Action
  2. Unclear narration
  3. No Entertainment
Vivekam is only for hardcore Tamil Ajith fans. The makers have cleverly packaged all of Ajith’s mass elements which would work in Tamil Nadu but in Telugu states, the film will not be liked because of the heavy dose of action. If you are the one who loves action films and don’t mind an aged looking hero, you can give this film a go. But the rest, watch Arjun Reddy instead.
Rating : 2

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