Will Balayya Babu save Puri Jagan?

All eyes are on Balakrishna as his latest film Paisa Vasool is set for a mammoth release this Friday. Puri is in neck deep problems as his last few films only faced failures. 
In such a case, he is only relying on Balayya for giving him a hit. The teasers have raised curiosity but have been only appreciated by the fans. On the other hand, Puri is known to hurry on with his projects during the second half and the same is expected to happen in Paisa Vasool as well. 
The talk is that the film has a similarity from Pokiri as Balayya might surprise everyone in his cop role during the end. In all these cases, there is so much pressure on Puri to deliver and his only hope is Balayya who can make or break the film. 
Will he be able to do it? Well, we need to wait for some more time. 

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