Hats off! Young actor begins a new mission

Young actor Manchu Manoj is on a new mission these days. He has started a foundation called Manoj Kumar’s Unity and the purpose is to collect funds for the development of farmers in India.  In fact, after storm Hudhud which  destroyed several parts of Eastern India, Manchu started Manoj Kumar’s Unity, to help the people of Vizag and subsequently support people who suffered in the Chennai floods too.

He formed an eminent panel including five people who are close to his heart, so that they can participate and contribute to this great cause. The eminent panel includes KTR, RajaMouli, Rana Daggubati, Sai Dharam Tej and G V Keshav. Talking about farmer woes, Manchu Manoj said, “We all love and respect our mothers who feed us and it is equally important to treat the farmers in the same way since they are the source of our food.

Due to various reasons, many Indian farmers are giving up their lives and this issue needs to be taken seriously.”  The actor has initiated `Save the Farmers” programme, encouraging people to donate a day of their annual salary to farmers who provide us with the food we eat several times a  day, so that we can fill their stomach too! Saving farmers and bringing back a smile on their faces is what Manoj mission all about.