Tickets hike for Baahubali2

The headline sounds striking and at the same time it comes out as a shock to the common audience who has been eagerly waiting to catch the glimpse of Rajamouli’s visual wonder- Baahubali 2.

As per the speculations going rounds across the film Nagar circles state that producers of Baahubali are trying to negotiate with the two Telugu states governments regarding the hike in the ticket price. If this ticket price to happen then the government needs to issue a special GO.

Well, these kinds of similar speculations came at the time of Baahubali– The Beginning as well. Later the producers lashed out those speculations of ticket hike. On the other side, the government shouldn’t take these kinds of steps to favour a single film.

Producers need to give a clarity on these speculations to avoid these kinds of news floating around Baahubali 2.