Small screen actress commits suicide

Chinnari Pellikoothuru or ‘Balika Vadhu’ is a very popular serial that is viewed by lakhs of people across the country. The characters in the serial are well loved by people, so it came as a bit of a shock when news broke out that the lead actress, Prathyusha Bannerjee, committed suicide at the young age of 24!
The actress apparently had issues with her boyfriend and TV Producer Rahul Raj Singh. The police are investigating and a full report is expected only after a day or two. But the incident has shaken everyone, especially her co-stars.
It has also put the spotlight on the Industry, where extreme competition, depression and vices are taking their toll. Depression is a very real phenomenon in the entertainment industry and a star like Deepika Padukone had to endure it. She publicly spoke about it and tried to raise awareness about it.
Priya Bannerjee’s death is one more wake up call for Industry bodies to look after their young actors and provide proper support and counseling mechanisms in times of need.