Entha Manchivadavura Review

Entha Manchivadavura Review – Daily TV Soaps are far better! Boredom Fest

For every Sankranthi, a family entertainer will hit the screens. This Sankranthi, the family-entertainer is from Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s kitty. The film carried huge expectations as it was directed by family entertainer specialist Satish Vegnesa. Now let us see will Kalyan Ram live up to his expectations?


Balu (Kalyan Ram) is an orphan. Knowing the value of relationships, he starts a company All is Well Relatives Supplier. He becomes brother in one family, grandson for another, son in other. While this is going fine, he comes to act as Tanikella Bharani’s son. There he faces some unusual circumstances. He gets involved in a tussle with local sand mafia kingpin Ganga Raju (Rajeev Kanakala). On one occasion, Ganga Raju takes an oath to kill Balu at any cost. What happened to him? What happened to his company? Forms the rest of the story.

A brief About Actors:

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram carried the film on his shoulders. There are lot of sentimental scenes in the movie and tried his best. He looked class and stylish. Mehreen Kaur role gets wasted. Vennela Kishore is the only saving grace in the movie. Nellore Sudarshan is Okay. Talented artists like Tanikella Bharani, Suhasini, Sharath Babu, Vijay Kumar are wasted in this life less script.

Technical Aspects:

Technically the film brings mixed feelings. Cinematography is nice. Raj Thota has presented village atmosphere in a pleasing way. Art design is impressive too. Few action episodes designed by Venkat are good. Production values by Aditya Music are rich.

Surprisingly Gopi Sundar who generally gives out good music, fails big time with Entha Manchivadavura album. Satish Vegesna has taken the theme line from the film Oxygen. Audiences couldn’t connect to the concept which in turn brings out sentimental scenes as a boring affair.

Positive Aspects:

· Kalyan Ram’s performance

· Vennela Kishore few comedy scenes

· Storyline

Negative Aspects:

· Entire story

· Boring screenplay

· Repeated emotional scenes

· Love track


Daily TV Soaps are far better than Entha Manchivadavura. It’s a complete bore-fest and watch it your own risk.

Rating: 2/5