Yuddham Saranam is a disaster

Looks like Naga Chaitanya has learnt the lesson the hard way and will never give chances to family and friends for his films. He took a risk when he gave a chance to his childhood friend Krishna to direct a film called Yuddham Saranam.
The film was promoted quite heavily but the result is very disappointing. There are not takers even on the third day as the audience has rejected the film completely. The overseas results are even more disappointing as the film has not even collected 100k which is a disaster.
Chaitanya needs to work carefully and check on his subjects with which he is going to work. Just as he knew the result of the film, he immedieatly joined hands with Chandoo Mondeti who gave him his much needed hit with Premam.
As he is busy with his wedding now, he will kick start a fresh and work on a couple of projects which woul bring him back in the game.