India’s big budget flick on cards

Allu Arvind, one of the top producers in the country, has joined hands with Madhu Manthena and Namit Malhotra to bring the epic tale of Ramayana to big screen. The big budget visual spectacle is going to be shot in three languages – Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, and released in three parts.

The film will also be shot in 3D. It has been a long time since Ramayana has been adapted into a film, and Allu Arvind, Madhu Manthena and Namit Malhotra are leaving no stone unturned to live up to the expectations from a film of this scale. It is also being touted as one of the highest budgeted films in India so far.

Talking about the ambitious project, Allu Arvind said, “It’s a huge responsibility, but the Ramayana needs to be told on the big screen in the most magnificent way possible. We are committed to delivering a spectacular extravaganza.” Currently, the team is putting together a terrific team of actors and technicians to make this film on international standards. The shooting is expected to begin in October or November this year. More details about the film will be announced shortly.