Huge expectations on Sampoo’s Kobbari Matta

It has been a while since the movie Kobbari Matta was announced and it did create quite a buzz with its teasers and promos. However, now the film is back into the spotlight. There is a lot of discussion happening over it and even the film’s team is doing its bit.
Recently, the film’s hero Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu came up with a tweet which goes like this “Maro 10 rojullo HRUDAYAKALEYAM trailer thaladhannela KOBBARI MATTA teaser vidudhala mee premaabhimanalatho teaser ni aaseervadhinchandi”. 
The tweet is evident that Kobbari Matta will overtake Sampoo’s debut flick Hrudaya Kaleyam by miles and there is going to be an overdose of idiosyncrasies in it. The expectation on this movie is high and if it delivers as anticipated then Sampoo will create a new avenue of entertainment for Telugu audience.