This Week’s Column: The Truth behind all Award shows

Award shows have now become just a PR exercise and only glamour. The real talent is not appreciated and a selected few end up winning these awards. All those who are given away the awards know the result priorly and just come to increase the TRP of the event when it is telecasted on TV. A lot goes into the making of these awards and what you see is not what it is actually in reality. 

Top stars are roped in to host the event. Right from the designer clothes to their stay, every thing is provided by the organizers. When it comes to hosting the events outside of India, the Hungama is even bigger. Big brands and corporate companies are involved and all the stars are flown business class and given VIP treatment. 

Yet another factor in these awards is the involvement of super stars. The event holders pay some big bucks to these stars and manage to make their presence felt. Once these stars confirm their presence, the organizers start promoting the event on a huge scale and grab all the sponsors. Naturally, the stars also get hugely interested as their films and work will be promoted on an international arena. 

All the performances are paid hugely and the package is dealt with keeping the presence, performance. Some award function even divides the pay ranging from just the presence, walking on the red carpet and even talking and promoting a few brands during the event. 

Finally, everyone in the industry knows how these awards work but do not pay heed to anything and dress up to their best and manage to keep a surprising face when their name is announced as the winner. 

So, the next time you look at a glitzy award show and get surprised, you exactly know what goes behind all this.