S.V.KrishnaReddy the renowned director who entertained the audience with his family entertainment films leading as a captain in all departments, be it direction, Screenwriting, Music Composer, and Producer. and a brief stint as an Actor is at present only seen in Audio Releases and award Functions totally distancing away from films.

90’s was a successful era, with SV Krishna Reddy’s films being the buzz of the town, his entertainment elements, Human Emotions, his Love story integrated to Indian embedded atmosphere created a milestone in his career films like Rajendrudu Gajendrudu,(1993), SubhaLagnam (1994), , Ghatothkachudu (1995), Maavichiguru (1996), Vinodam (1996), Egire Paavurama (1997), Ahvanam (1997) , Pelli Peetalu (1998), Premaku Velayara (1999), Sakutumba Saparivaara Sametham (2000), Premaku Swagatham(2002), Pellam Oorelithe (2003),

Our Heartful Gratitude to S.V. KrishnaReddy the ace director who tuned the careers of Present Stars in Rajendra Prasad, Ali, Srikanth, Jagapathi Babu to be a refined prodigies of Telugu Film Industry, Its is very sad our Telugu Film Industry ignoring such a stalwart who is deprived of another chance, due to the advent of talented young directors well equipped with the latest technology, and taste of the present era, but his sculpting of roles can’t be aped or shown even at present without his Midas touch.

SV Krishnareddy received Nandi Awards for his films Subhalagnam (1994), Ahvanam (1997), SahakutumbaSahaparivara Sametham (2001), and Film Fare Best Director Award for Subhalagnam (1994)

But from 2002 SV. KrishnaReddy fame slowly started to decline due to stereotyped stories and unable to adapt to the taste of the Present Audience and his films faded away as his presence in Telugu films and an end to the era of Family Oriented Subjects.
Even Producers who followed a beeline to get the nod of a Successful busy director started distancing him due to present trend.
If Producers once again come forward with a good concept to rope in the talented director, he would definitely do justice in giving us a good output.

S.V.Krishna Reddy also served as Member at Telugu Film Directors Association, Directors Guild of America.