The inspiring journey of Mahesh Babu from being a star’s son to super star

Mahesh Babu, the name is just enough to remind anyone in India of the tall and every young super star of our Tollywood. Although he has never been a direct part of movies of any other industry, he as an actor is famous across the nation and not to forget how most Bollywood actresses mention his name when asked about their favorite star down south. But was it all a cake walk? A definite no! Being the son of yester-generation’s super star Krishna and having ravishing looks weren’t just enough to bring him success. All the worked was PERSEVERANCE! Yes, here’s a look into the inspiring journey of Mahesh Babu:

Filmy Background and easy debut:
As the son of Krishna, film was a passion he had since his childhood. At a very tender age of 4, he made his film debut under Dasari Narayana Rao. After that he did a couple of movies as a child actor before going for his further studies. From Gudachari 117 to Bala Chandrudu, most of his movies were commercially successful, but yet he was still under the shadow of being Krishna’s son.

Debut as a hero:
In 1999 he debuted as a hero in Raja Kumarudu, after which he got the name of Prince. Under the director of Raghvendra Rao, the movie had Priety Zinta as the other lead. This debut was the only thing that came easily to him. If there was anything that his father’s reputation made easier for him, it is undoubtedly only his easy debut.

The weak phase:
Right from Rajakumarudu, none of his movies that followed were commercial hits. Except for his well-acclaimed performance in Murari, most of his initial films failed at the box office creating a black period in his career. Yuvaraju, Takkari Donga, Vamsy and Bobby were all rejected at the box-office. Never taken aback by these failures, Mahesh took time to retrospect and went forward with the next project.

Finding his love:
His love story with Namrata, whom he met on the sets of Vamsy is completely adorable. It was probably this decision that helped in the making of a super star!

Bulls Eye with Okkadu:
Not many bounce back after continuous failures. Mahesh amazed everyone with not just a comeback, but also industry records! Made under the direction of Gunashekar, Okkadu was the biggest blockbusters of the year and set many records. This movie also paved the path of starhood to Mahesh Babu.

Back to pavilion again:
Expectations were quite high on him after Okkadu. But wrong choices made him get back to pavilion again. Although Athadu is a movie enjoyed even today, it was commercially a flop. So were Nijam and Arjun. Gosspimongers even started calling him a flop hero.

Movie that made him the super star:
The release of Pokiri made him the star that he is. It was again the biggest hit of the industry and then there was no stopping further.

After that regardless of his movie being a hit or flop, he is always celebrated as a superstar and is the most bankable star of the generation. His journey of ups and downs are a great lesson to anyone who dreams big and fails at times to succeed finally.