Chandra Sidhartha the talented and renowned director of Telugu Film Industry is back in Action after a gap of 4 years and is coming up with a fresh new bilingual Genre titled AATAGADHARA SHIVA under the banner of Rockline Entertainment Films, the film is made in Telugu and Kannada. The trailers already creating sensation among the viewers assuming the film to be a great hit .

#AATAGADHARA SHIVA has new cast, new concept and fresh music that can keep the audiences glued to their seats. The film will also remind the Producers to believe in Talent and take Telugu film Industry to high esteem and not depend on Business Trend by deceiving the hard earned money of the filmy viewers by producing stereo type concepts.

Who can forget Chandra Sidhartha a diligent in chalking out a philosophical enigma “Aa Naluguru” which made a hallmark in Telugu film Industry receiving the Prestigious Nandi award and many acclaims and accolades from different Film Fraternities .

Mind you this brilliant directors magic wand did produce magic in most of his films be it Andharu Bandhuvayya & Madhumasam. Even though Chandra Sidhartha showered with ample opportunities he with his hardest effort churned those in to Awards and Critic Acclaims thus showering sparks of his brilliance on Telugu film Industry.

Chandra Sidhartha needs no mention of his master piece films, after garnering three state Nandi awards for his brilliant work in Aa Naluguru and Andhari Bandhuvayya he took up a mantle of producing Nirantharam in 1995 under Film and Television Institute of India and did received accolades at Cairo and Locarno International Film Festival.

Chandra Sidhartha also claims the honor of being the first Telugu director to make debut as a director in 2001 released English movie “The Inscrutable Americans” based on Anurag Mathur’s best selling novel of the same name.

The Inscrutable Americans was also premiered at Milan, Newyork, Atlanta, London and Kerala International film festivals.

Chandra Sidhartha’s presence went unnoticed even after serving as a Jury member for AP State Nandi awards from 2013-2015, Film fare Jury 6 times and South Indian Cinematographers Association awards as Jury Head, but that didn’t matter for the Confident Genius who always made a successful comeback with his swashbuckling presence.

In this Competitive era Talent is abundantly found but to remain with that tag for long is a daunting task, but legends are born with talent to remain and be remembered for ever, Ace Director Chandra Sidhartha belongs to the legendary clan.

Our best wishes to Chandra Sidhartha on his bilingual film “Aatagadhura Shiva” and may his comeback stint be a memorable and successful one .